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Seconds was composed for concert band in 2017 in an attempt to exhibit the beauty of subtle dissonances. A play on words, the melodies and harmonies herein are based on the interval of a second. It was during the final days of 2018 when this piece found its true



I dedicate this work to victims of gun violence. Having served as a music educator for a number of years, I understand both the bond within a school’s community and the healing power of music. When tragedy strikes, a music classroom or performance hall can be a place of solace for many young people.


This adaptation is scored for Soprano I, Soprano II, Alto I, Alto II, Tenor I, Tenor II, and Bass voices with two percussionists. The percussionists share instruments and implements, needing a large suspended cymbal played with soft yarn mallets, wood or granite temple blocks played with medium or hard yarn mallets, chimes played with felt-covered hammers, vibraphone played with soft yarn mallets, and bells played with medium rubber mallets. These instruments are integral to the music, and should not be omitted.




Day, year,

month, tear.

Seconds passing,

time elapsing,

moments wishing

our loved ones could sing too.

Minutes and hours

turn tears into showers.

Sunrise, sunset,

and we will never forget.

We sing for you,

we honor you this day!

Days will come

and days will go.

We will remember you.

We will miss you.

We love you.



SECONDS for Choir and Percussion (Unlimited Photocopies)

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